Gastric Sleeve FAQ

When considering weight loss with a procedure such as a sleeve gastrectomy or gastric sleeve surgery, there are a few things you should carefully consider. No different than any other surgical procedure, you should be careful to use only an experienced surgeon who is highly qualified and well-versed in the exact procedure that you plan to have. General surgeons are often skilled at many different types of operations, but when it comes to bariatric surgical procedures it is extremely important that you have a specialist who performs weight loss procedures regularly.

Many of the questions often asked by patients considering weight loss procedures are similar. The five most common questions are explained here. Please feel free to discuss these topics and more with your surgeon before you undergo the procedure.

1. What are the benefits of gastric sleeve surgery?
A large portion of your stomach will be removed during the gastric sleeve surgery (sleeve gastrectomy). The remaining part of the stomach will be formed into a banana-shaped tube, which is designed help you reduce your appetite and lead to weight loss. As with any surgical procedure, gastric sleeve procedures carry some degree of risk. Your weight loss surgeon at TLC will discuss the benefits and the risks involved in this procedure prior to starting your weight loss journey.

2. Is there a special diet to follow after the gastric sleeve operation?
Yes, there is a specific diet that you will be required to follow after your surgery. It is imperative that you fully understand the diet you will be required to follow during recovery, before you have the procedure performed. At first, you will be able to consume only clear liquids. Following the liquid diet, you will be able to add pureed food. Then, you may slowly re-introduce solid foods to your diet.

3. Will I lose weight after the procedure?
Yes, as long as you closely follow the instructions that your doctor gives you, you will lose weight. It is typical for a patient to lose fifty to seventy percent of their body weight in the first year.

4. What does the treatment cost?
The cost of gastric sleeve procedure differs from person to person. It is dependent upon the patient’s health insurance coverage and their personal situation. If they feel that the surgery is necessary for the patient to be healthy, most health insurance companies will cover at least a portion of the total cost. Our team here at TLC will answer your questions and go over all costs associated with the procedure. You can also contact our practice for more information on procedure costs.

5. Are there risks involved?
There are always some risks involved in having a surgical weight loss procedure performed, but there are benefits as well. Our surgeon will go over all risks and benefits of gastric sleeve surgery and help you determine if this procedure is the best option for you.