Cost of Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Houston

Your final cost for the gastric sleeve procedure is highly dependent on your unique situation. However, there are a number of options available at Texas Laparoscopic Consultants that may be of assistance to you in paying for the procedure. We accept many insurance plans and even work with a reputable financing company to help qualified applicants pay for procedures in low-interest monthly installments. The information below can give you an idea of some of our options.

Insurance and Health Plans

Medicare plans and private health insurance plans will often cover some of the expenses of a gastric sleeve surgery procedure, and, in some cases, they may cover the entire cost of the procedure. Most health insurance providers and Medicare require an approval prior to authorizing payment for the procedure. It can be challenging to try to navigate the health insurance company’s approval processes on your own. We can help you learn about the process. To find out if your health insurance company covers the costs of your gastric sleeve surgery, fill out the online insurance form found here.


There is assistance available for people who find that their health insurance will not cover some of the costs involved in the procedure or those who find that their insurance will not cover the procedure at all. ChaseHealthAdvance, in partnership with BLISPay Patient Financing Program, can help by providing affordable payment plans to assist with the out-of-pocket costs of the weight loss treatment.

For qualified applicants, no down payment is necessary for flexible payment programs, and programs are available with a revolving line of credit from $5,000 to $20,000 dollars.

Instant Credit Decisions are available by calling (877) 280 – BLIS (2547) or you can apply online.